How do you find a room on Campus? What type of rooms do we offer? What to do when you are going to rent a room on Campus?

Starting your study on the University of Twente soon and looking for a room? Or did you find a room and want to know what you have to make in order before we can hand you your keys? You can find all the information you need right here!


Rooms: the different types

  • Apartment: we have apartments on the Witbreuksweg, Matenweg, Zuiderhagen (city center) and Walstraat (city center). An apartment always has at least one (and sometimes two) separate bedrooms.
  • Studios: we have studios on the Hems and Calslaan. In a studio you will have your own kitchen and bathroom.
  • Self contained room: we have self contained rooms on the Witbreuksweg. These rooms are often smaller than a studio, but still have their own little kitchenarea and bathroom.
  • Room in a living group: we have a wide variety of rooms in living groups located on the Witbreuksweg, Matenweg, Calslaan and Campuslaan.

How to find a room?

There is a difference in the way that the apartements, studios and self-contained rooms are allocated and the way that rooms in living groups are allocated.

Apartments/studios/self contained rooms

On this page, under "Accommodation available" you will find the apartments, studios and self-contained rooms that are currently available.  As soon as we have a room in this category available we will post this room here and we will also post a message on Facebook to keep you updated on the new available rooms.

The Veste does not work with waiting lists. So you have to keep an eye on our website and/or Facebook page to see whether a room is available. To apply for a room you need to be registered.

The room is randomly allocated to one of the x number of students that have applied for the room.

Rooms in living groups

Rooms in living groups are allocated on the basis of co-optation. You will find all the available rooms by going to "Available accommodation in living groups". If you want to apply for a room in one of the living groups, you have to contact the living group. In the adds you can find the group information.

If you are accepted by the living group, the contact person of the group will send you a unique registration link by email so you can secure the room online.

Other ways to find a room in Enschede

For more rooms in Enschede you can also look on and

Found a room on Campus? What do you have to do next?

If a room was allocated to you, we will make sure that you receive the rental agreement from us. If you want to rent the room you have to send us back the following documents as soon as possible:

- the signed rental agreement;

- proof that you are a fulltime student or promovendi. Documents that we need as proof of study/promovendi are: a copy of your studentcard of the UT or you can have the UT or Saxion fill in and sign the document: 'confirmation registration as a fulltime student or promovendi' and send this to us. You can find a blank form here.


- proof that you are going to work for the UT. Documents that we need as proof of your employment are: an Inkomensverklaring (income statement) from the Dutch Tax Office (if you have a Dutch social security number) AND a statement of employment filled in and signed by the University of Twente. You can find a blank form here.

Also make sure that you have paid the starting bill in full before the starting date of your rental agreement.

The keys

After we have received all necesary documents and you have paid the starting bill in full, we can make an appointment for handing you the keys of your new room.