My rental agreement

If you rent a living space from us, we look after you. Your peace and comfort comes first. We maintain your residential complex. And is something broken or not working properly? Then we’ll repair it as soon as possible. You also have rental protection, which is very important. 

Rental protection means you have rights as a tenant. But you also have a few obligations. That you pay your rent on time, for example. And that you keep your room and the common spaces tidy and clean. 

Click on the right to read more important information about your lease, paying rent and changing your details. 

We check all contracts every year  

The accommodation on Campus of the University of Twente is exclusively for people who study at or work at a university or higher education institution in Enschede. Therefore we check all study certificates or employment contracts of anyone who rents a living space with us for 4 years or longer. We do this every autumn. 

Changing your short term contract

Do you have a short term contract? And do you want to cancel or extend your contract? Then contact the Veste.

All tenants with a short-term contract may live there for a maximum of 1 year, after a year it is not possible to extend your contract. If you have a half-year contract, it can be extended to a maximum of one year. If you want to extend it to a maximum stay of 1 year, you must report this to the Veste. We determine whether that’s possible or not. If you change anything, you also have to sign an appendix with us.


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