Maintenance of your smoke alarm

All our new residential complexes have smoke detectors. There are different models. Some smoke detectors have batteries that last for about a year, others are guaranteed to last for 10 years. There are also models with a power connection as well as a battery. Is there no power? Then the battery will take over until the electricity works again. 

When do I need to replace the battery?

When the battery is low, the smoke alarm makes a loud beep every minute. It does that for at least 30 days. You have to replace the battery yourself. You can pick up free batteries during our walk-in hours.

How often do I need to clean the smoke alarm?

Is there too much dust in the smoke alarm? Then it could go off. Therefore, thoroughly clean your smoke alarm at least twice a year.

Tip: dust your smoke alarm off once a month. Or use the soft brush of your vacuum cleaner for this. This will keep your smoke alarm clean and free from dust.

Are you renovating? And will there be a lot of dust in your house? Then we advise you to cover the smoke alarm while the work is being carried out. This way you prevent dust from getting into your alarm causing the alarm to go off. 

Do you I need to test my smoke alarm?

It’s wise to occasionally test whether your smoke alarm is still working properly. All you have to do is press the test button. The alarm then goes off. Never test your alarm by holding a burning piece of paper or something underneath it - this can cause the alarm to melt or catch fire.

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