Prevent problems with moisture

No one likes moisture or mould in his or her house. Luckily you can do a lot to prevent this. Moisture control is important to prevent dust mites and mould. This means you always have to ventilate your house. Sufficient ventilation means less chance of dust mites and mould spreading. It’s also better for your health ánd your wallet as you save on heating costs: it takes more energy to heat moist air. 

What is good ventilation?

Ventilation means you make sure fresh air comes into your house. Of course you can open your bedroom window or you can open the doors and windows for a while. Excellent, but good ventilation is a continuous process that ensures fresh air enters the house constantly.

Newer homes have mechanical ventilation systems or ventilation ‘grilles’. Open the grilles and always leave the mechanical ventilation on. In older homes, it’s important to always have your window on a little gap. 

What happens if ventilation is insufficient?

This can have some unpleasant consequences. Some are visible. Such as wallpaper cockling, mould on window sills, walls, ceilings and in the bathroom ... But insufficient ventilation also has an invisible consequence: dust mites. 

Tips for a healthy climate in your home

•    Dry your laundry outside. If you have to dry your laundry inside, always keep a nearby window or balcony door open.

•    After cooking, leave the extractor hood on for 15 minutes. This drains off excess moisture.

•    After showering, dry of the tiles.

•    Move your furniture off the wall a little.

•    Ventilate even in the winter months. Even when it is cold outside, ventilation is important. Every home has a lot of ‘invisible’ moisture. An average household produces around 10 litres of moisture a day. From breathing, washing dishes, cooking, showering, watering plants, washing and drying. Ventilating means you refresh the used air and at the same time dry, fresh air comes in.

Problems with moisture

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