Terminating my rental agreement

Giving notice

For non-furnished accommodation:
You can terminate your rental agreement at any date. But, you have to give notice at least 30 days in advance. Do you know you’ll be moving? Then you can cancel your rental agreement earlier than 30 days in advance.

For furnished accommodation (room UT-Veste):
You also have to give notice at least 30 days in advance. But, the end date is always the 15th or last day of the month. You will of course receive a digital confirmation of your cancellation. Before you return your keys (on the last rental day), we still have a few things to arrange. 

Cancel your rental agreement
Visit before you leave
Last check and hand in keys

The student housing consultant discusses with you whether or not you have to make any changes in the house. He also tells you how you have to leave things behind before you move. Is your last rental day in a weekend? Then we’ll make an appointment for the next possible working day. 

What to do when you move out

How do leave your room, apartment or house behind when you move out? In general: leave it as you found it; tidy and clean.

These guidelines help you. They apply to both a room in a residential group as well as an independent living space.

What to do when you move out
Taking over certain things

Are there certain things that you would like to leave for the new tenant to take over or purchase from you? Like any nice flooring or curtains for example? Please ask your student housing consultant about the possibilities.

Please note: it is not common in The Netherlands to leave chattels like light fittings and curtains behind for example. If you’re not sure what’s normal, please ask your student housing consultant.

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