Welcome in your new home!

Your first point of contact

Our student housing consultants are your first point of contact. They are present on Campus. Feel free to talk to them when you see them. Do you have a question about your living situation? Or a problem? They are there for you. They listen to you and help you where they can.

You can always call or email them. Of course your student housing consultants can also visit you. Just give them a ring to make an appointment at a time that suits you best. Would you prefer to meet at our office? That’s also possible.

You can rent a room on campus as long as you are a student

Are you a college or university student? Then you can rent a room on campus as long as you are a student. That gives you lots of convenience. We maintain almost everything for you. Is something broken or not working properly? Then we make sure it will be repaired. Read more under 'Repairs and maintenance'.

Of course you also have a few obligations . You have to pay rent on time, for example. And we expect you to keep your living space clean and tidy.

You can read all your rights and obligations in your rental agreement and the general terms and conditions. You’ve received these when signing the lease.

General Terms
We’re insured

We have building insurance for all residential complexes. Any damage to your living space due to fire, burglary, storm and lightning for example is covered. We also have glass insurance for all residential complexes.

You pay a small monthly amount in your rent for these service costs. However, it’s important that you arrange all other insurances yourself, such as content insurance. Check with your insurer that you’re indeed covered as a tenant.


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