Urgent need for housing

Urgent medical need

Does your medical situation require you to live on Campus or do you need specific accommodation? For example, you need to live on the ground floor, you need your own sanitary facilities or any other adjustments. Then you can apply for medical urgency.

Medical urgency is always tested by Care Group Nederland. Is the advice positive? Then we pay the costs [of adjusting your living space]. Is the advice negative? Then you pay the costs yourself. 

Urgent social need

Do you live in a residential group and has your living situation within the group become untenable? And can you prove that you’re not responsible for this? And can you prove this? Then you can apply for social urgency.

Urgent need due to restructuring

We maintain your building every year. Sometimes we have to do major work. Do you have to move out due to restructuring, demolition or renovation? We then apply a social plan in consultation with you and any other residents. In this plan, we agree how we will arrange other accommodation for you.

Apply for urgency

Do you feel your situation is urgent? Please contact our neighborhood consultants in Enschede. Martin, Annette or Hans are there to help you.