Housing options

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    Living in a residential group

    Rooms in residential groups are most often available. There are 150 residential groups on Campus with around 1340 rooms in total. In a residential group you share the kitchen, shower and toilet with your roommates. A residential group has 4 to 16 residents. Larger groups have several showers and toilets.

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    Independent living

    You can also rent an apartment or studio with its own kitchen, toilet and shower. You will find those mainly in the buildings De Sky (Hems 16-88/89) and De Box (Calslaan 60). You can choose a studio, which is a one-room apartment with a separate bathroom. Or an apartment with a living room/kitchen, separate bedroom, private bathroom and toilet.

    On the Witbreuksweg there are also independent rooms of around 15 square meters, with their own kitchen and bathroom.


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