Do you live together without having officially recorded this?

Then you can request co-tenancy with us. You can also send us a letter or email. Make sure you include a copy of the Municipal Personal Records (BRP) from your local council. 

There are a few conditions, you

• have a registered partnership, or: 

• have a joint bank account for at least two years; 

• both are registered with the council at this address for at least two years; 

• have been living together at this address for at least two years.

Please note: children who live at home usually can’t become co-tenants, regardless of their age.

We can reject your request if:

• you’ve been living together for less than two years; 

• you don’t meet all required conditions; 

• your financial situation isn’t sufficient to pay the rent; 

• the main tenant is planning to move.


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