What do you have to do when you move out?

Are you moving? Then it is good to know what we expect. In general: leave your house as you found it; tidy and clean.

These guidelines help you. They apply to both a room in a residential group as well as an independent living space: 

  • The walls look tidy. The next tenant can paint the walls white in one layer. Are more layers of paint necessary or is there a lot of patching up to do? Then you have to fix or paint the walls first. 
  • There are no holes in the walls. 
  • The paint inside is nice and tidy, without any paint drips for example. 
  • The door is not damaged. The door is clean, flat, smooth and painted in one color. It has no stickers, adhesive plastic or sheeting on it. 
  • The glass in the doors and skylights is clean and unpainted. 
  • Switches, sockets and the cable connection have no paint on them. 
  • There are no stickers on walls and windows. 
  • Everything looks tidy and clean. 
  • There is no waste and dirt left inside. 

For independent living spaces there are a few additional guidelines: 

  • The kitchen looks tidy, including the kitchen cabinets and the bench top. They are not damaged, scratched or painted. 
  • The bathroom, kitchen and shower are clean and undamaged. 

When in doubt, please contact your neighborhood consultant. 

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