New waste containers have been installed and you can dispose your residual waste there from the 1st of February 2023.

The containers can only be used with a keytag
The underground waste containers have been installed because the current (concrete) waste containers are frequently used by people from off-campus. Therefore, you will get your own keytag for the new containers. The new containers can be used from the 1st of February with your keytag. The current waste containers will be removed mid-February. The new containers can be recognised by stickers of De Veste.

How do I use the containers?
The containers are for residual waste (Grey waste). Waste you cannot dispose separately. Glass, paper and old clothes can be handed in at 'Twente Milieu's' waste squares. Hold the keytag against the green area on the right of the container and the container will open automatically. Click on the map below to see where the containers are located. Please do not place any rubbish next to the containers. The containers are emptied twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the containers are full, please contact [email protected] We will ensure that the containers are emptied as soon as possible. 

In this overview you can quickly see which waste you put in which container. Click on the image to enlarge or download the PDF version.


Contact us: 053-4892031, wonenvestenl.

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